Shadowz Paranormal Investigations Shadowz Paranormal Investigations
Do you hear strange whisperings in the night? Do doors open and closing by themselves? Feel like your being watched?
We're here to help. Shadowz is a non-profit Paranormal Research group located in Biloxi, MS and a TAPS family representative for MS, AL, FL and LA. We're looking for houses, businesses or property to investigate in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Louisiana. If you have a place that you think is haunted and would like a free, discrete investigation let us know. No job to big or small.

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If you feel your house, business property, etc. is haunted, we would love to help. We do not charge for any investigations and will do out of state investigations depending on where they are located. Privacy is our priority and our investigation will be totally confidential and professional. Please click the '... more information' link to read the rules and learn how we can help you with your haunting. ... more information
What Hides in the Shadowz: Shadowz Paranormal Investigates Haunted Destinations -- Our first book, featuring some of our favorite haunted places which are open to the public.

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